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BARANKA EXPORT-IMPORT PEJANOVIC was founded in 1992. and so far we have achieved successful cooperation with all relevant small and large construction companies in Montenegro. We also cooperate with many major companies and institutions in Montenegro.


Reputable position that the company acquired in many years of business in the Montenegrin market, is a result of good organization, carefully selected and professional associates.


Company manages CEO who is also the owner of the company. Trade deals with the sales team that is responsible for the purchase and sale of goods for retail and wholesale.



Baranka - Upravna zgrada



In their possession, company has office premises, large storage area of 3000 square meters in Stara raskrsnica bb., retail store in ulici..... We work directly with several factories in Serbia and abroad, which guarantees the beneficial conditions of sale, as for entrepreneurial companies, as well as for individual customers.


Our warehouse is equipped with forklifts, vehicles and various machines and tools necessary to carry out our activities. If the warehouse doesn't have the product you want, we'll get them and deliver them to you at an agreed deadline.



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U našem asortimanu nalazi se preko 3000 proizvoda






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