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Rade Končar TEP

Rade Koncar TEP is a leading company in metal processing and electrical industry in Macedonia and the Balkans. It is part of the brand "Rade Koncar", with tradition of 65 years.

Since its establishment in 2006, TEP as part of Rade Koncar-Service has been continuously developing in the direction of innovation of new products, production process, improvement in the manner of work and serving the market with quality production/manufacturing solutions.

Production program:

  • distributive oil transformers, power up to 1600kVA
  • high voltage plants for voltage level up to 110kV
  • concrete compact substation 20-10/0.4kV for power of a transformer up to 1250kVA
  • all types of meter boxes, connection boxes, cable distribution boxes, low voltage distribution switch boards, for the distribution network in Macedonia – EVN
  • low voltage command, switch boards and boxes for industrial use
  • command desks for industry
  • designing complete projects, mounting, testing and putting into operation of low voltage, mid voltage and high voltage complex objects.
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